A novel from DerailedUK

In an alternative timeline where British cycling never improved its lot, North Yorkshire has produced two incredibly talented cyclists on wildly different trajectories. One finds great success, the other can barely keep his head straight. How did they drift apart, and what happens when they come back together?

Meanwhile, a tired French broadcaster has become a laughing stock and has to come to terms with his life outside of the sport. Also meanwhile, a journalist for the UK's most terrible newspaper has problems of her own. And furthermore, what the fuck do the Algerian police officer and 12th century druid have to do with any of this?

I've written a baffling literary journey in the Derailed vein, packed with weird characters, awkward situations, and a moving examination of the uses of discourse. You'll like it.

The scoop

When can I buy it?

It'll be serialized for FREE starting January 1st, 2015. Obviously we'll be happy to take your money anyway.

What is it?

"A novel about endurance." It's a website, eBook, and an audiobook/podcast.

What's it got to do with Derailed?

It features popular recurring characters such as Ton Verstraaten and... uh. Okay, that's it.

Can I publish it?

I mean, sure. Drop me an email and we'll discuss how rich we can make each other.

It's all about the numbers